Pin Up At North Weald, 15-6-17

By | 18th June 2017

I decided to have a day out in the company of Time Line Events, hopefully to re capture the past where  heritage and photography come together.This time it was going back to the 40s with Aviation and glamour models, for me I didn’t know what I was in for. We had 3 set ups and were split into 3 groups, first it was  an American Jeep,then  a Supermarine Spitfire Mk X1 and finally  a P-51d Mustang, all kindly supplied by Peter Tichman at Hanger 11. We all had about 40mins on each to take as many images as we want.
I decided at the editing stage to revert the images in to sepia tone, with a dash of colour on a few of them,  left one in the original  colour.
This turned out to be a great day ,with great company at hand. I hope next time they decide to do it they can get one of the models to wear a uniform of the 40s,as this would have been fitting for the scene.