Evening Joy 17-6-17

By | 21st June 2017

A short trip to my favourite venue for the next instalment hear at the Shuttleworth  collection at Old Warden, for there  second flying evening of the 2017 season. What a show it was ,with  fantastic light and calm winds we were all in for a Old Warden classic.
Went with a friend and meet up with Malcolm shortly after arriving. Armed with a couple of Nikon cameras ,as well as a couple of short lenses we  had a quick  look around  the hangers before we made tracks to the new paddock lay out, once again  the organisers came up trumps with this idea. The highlight was the line up of three Rolls Royce Kestrel engine  Hawker Hurricanes all of which are based at Shuttleworth,  with a bit of patience we were all able to get clear photos of them.The thought of seeing 3 Old Warden based hurricanes in formation  later that evening  attracted a very large crowd.
Before the flying commenced at 1800 hrs,  it was time to get out the picnic basket and tuck into some tasty morsels, and of course all washed down with a  glass or to of fine wine. Once the flying commenced the light was getting better, the sun was getting lower as well as the wind  dropping thoughts of seeing the Edwardian aircraft in the air was getting closer, by the hour and it was about 21-30 hrs the first of the 3 Edwardians made it to the air, what a relief.
The organisers at Old Warden have raised the bar for other venue’s to follow, for me this venue is hard to beat for atmosphere as well as taking great photos.

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