Flying Tigers Depart Mildenhall

By | 25th July 2017

I took a break from the Royal International Air tattoo on the Saturday of the show, as the weather was not at it’s best. I made the trip home on the Friday evening so I can have a early start the next day in hope to take some images of the A-10s that were due out that Morning.
It was early doors for me that day, I arrived at 0700 hrs.’, as the locals said that the A-10s were due out at 0800hrs. Once arrived the crowds of Enthusiast/Photographers were there on mass, mainly Dutch people on route to RAF Fairford for the airshow. The 12 Fairchild Republic A-10s from 74th Fighter Sqd/23rd Fighter group, Flying Tigers Staged through Mildenhall were on their  way, plus support 2 McDonnell Douglas KC-10s to Incirlik, Turkey for 6 months.
After the deadline time came and past there were no signs of them leaving, as radio conversations between the KC-10 and the first wave of A-10s had a few problems ,eventually sorted, re submitted their flight plans and about 11-30hrs  the first wave were seen taxing out to runway 29,a mighty relived crowd in attendance to see them go, it wasn’t long before the second wave of the flight was heading our way.
photographically it wasn’t   the best of conditions ,with only my 80-400 mm Nikon lens with me and a bit of cropping and editing I managed to come away with some reasonable images So nice to see and here the of A-10s again, brings back many happy times when these aircraft were in abundance in the Anglian skies.