RIAT 17 Pt-5 Back With a Roar

By | 27th July 2017

Pt.-5  It was back with a roar with the Ukrainian’s at this year’s Royal International Air Tattoo 17.
Will they or wont they come this year was on many Aviation enthusiasts minds leading up to this year’s Air Tattoo. It was less then a week before the show that  confirmation that the Ukrainian’s  were coming, nothing is set in stone to the tyres of the jets have touched down on the runway at RAF Fairford.
The Ukrainian’s sent two examples of the Sokhoi SU-27P1-M, NATO code name Flanker for both Static with a two seat variant,  and a single seat version for the flying display. The last time that a Ukrainian Flanker performed a flying demonstration was back in 1999,though  a single seat appeared on static, along side a IL-76 candid back in 2011.
Both Su-27s are on strength with the 831st Tactical Aviation Brigade, based at Myrhorod in central Ukraine. Both fighters were  supported by an Ilyushin Il-76 Candid four jet transport, which was also on static exhibition for the show. The aircraft arrived in formation on the Thursday before the show, the fighters peeled of and landed first then followed by the IL-76.
The aerial display by the single seat Flanker was tame affair, mind you the leaded skies over the weekend meant it could only perform its flat display, I did like the Blue digital splinter scheme as it stood out nicely against those dark skies.