Edwardian Pageant 6-8-17

By | 14th August 2017

It must be the first Sunday of the month, another days show at the famous Shuttleworth Collection. This time it was the Edwardian Pageant, well sort of, unfortunately the high winds put pay to the flying of the  Edwardian types, they never came out of the hanger.
With a very strong line up of home-based and visiting aircraft made this an attractive event, may be the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows had something to do with it  providing an exciting finale which kept the large crowd there to the end of the day. The organisers of this event were praying for good weather  which had plagued this part of the country since mid-July, so it was a mighty relief to see a mix of blue skies and broken clouds.
The collection laid on an impressive ground show to keep with the theme of Edwardian, with vehicles  and members of the public dressed accordingly. With the  flying programme having to be changed, the organisers had back up aircraft at their disposal, not many other events can do this, the highlights being a pair of Sopwith types, I was so pleased to see the Snipe, waited a long time to see this type in the air, even though it is a reconstruction aircraft, it was so nice to see it been put through it’s paces..  The de Havilland pair,DH-89 Dragon Rapid and the DH-90 dragonfly flew in formation together to celebrated the design of excellence. Not  only did they have one 9 ship display team, but two, Red Arrows, and the Tiger 9 display team with 9 DH-82a Tiger Moths who were battling to hold position during each pass. It was at 18-10pm the long wait had finally arrived, red 10 commentator Sqd Ldr Mick Ling MBE finally took to the stage to announce the Red Arrows arrival from behind the crowd, for the majority of the public that is what they have come to see and  they were not disappointed, though it was their rolling display they witnessed. After the display the public went home with smiles on there  faces and most of them were not disappointed.
Getting out of the show did not take long I hung back for 30 mins and I was out and on the main road heading home in 10 mins.