Wheat From The Chaff

By | 24th September 2017

It’s that time a year where the local wheat farmers relies on good dry weather to bring in the harvest, mind you the weather this time of year hasn’t been  in there favour, so they have to go out when the weather is mainly dry.
So it is out with my camera to try and capture some harvest moods. I  decided to go local this time and chance my luck during the weekends, and I was lucky with my chances in Sutton, beds whilst on my way to Royston, then on my way back from Essex the following weekend I ended up in my old stomping ground in Baldock, Herts.
With my Nikon D300 at my disposal with a combination of 70-200 mm lens I was able to capture harvest at work with all the dust and wheat flying all over the place created  good  atmospheric conditions, it was not the place to be changing lenses during my time in the field.