Of To The Minster

By | 28th September 2017

Whilst in Gt Yarmouth having my friends car looked at we had few hours to kill, so we decided to have a wander round the market square area.
We decided to have a bite to eat and then take a short walk to the towns Minster Church.
The Norman-era Minster Church of St Nicholas in Gt Yarmouth remains, due to it’s floor surface area, England’s largest parish church. It was founded in 1101 by Herbert de losinga,the first bishop of Norwich.
With free entry to this church I was able to take as many photo’s inside and out with no problems at all, I must admit the light inside was bright which made low iso possible.
After a hour inside refreshment’s were on offer with a small tea room serving beverages, hot  or cold, as well as cakes all at a fraction of the cost then the local cafes in the area, so a cuppa we had, a decent one at that.
By now the car was ready and all that waits was the bill for the work being done, (Ouch),not bad really for peace of mind for the journey home the next day.