30 Day Challenge

By | 18th October 2017

I was set a  challenge by a good friend of mine Malcolm, from Cromer to produce 30 images in 30 days, this was a great challenge as well as good fun to do.
So the task was set and of I went to complete this in the 30 days allotted, many different subjects, which is a challenge on its own ,especially as I have never done half the subjects anyway.
With various cameras and lenses at my disposal  ,as well as my mobile phone was used in this project I done this within the time ,even though I must say that I had to do a few of the subjects  in one day as work as well as illness took its toll on it.
So if any body out there fancy’s a challenge go for it ,get a friend to set you the subjects and plough your way through it, you never know you might discover that you could be a all round photographer.

Link to the Images.