Light of the Spirit 2018

By | 22nd January 2018

A trip to London was the order of the day to capture images of Lumiere 2018,in London. I decided to go late afternoon, as the creative light show wasn’t switched on to 17-30 hrs.
This spectacular lighting show was held at various parts of the capital  during the weekend 18-21 January, I managed to see parts of it, but not all.
Pt-1, I concentrated on the  French digital artist Patrice Warrener’s magnificent, The light of the Spirit (Chapter 2) at Westminster Abbey, what a spectacular show it was with bathing colour and light, the projection highlights the architectural mastery of the building as well as the Great West Door, the figures are once again transformed into a kaleidoscope of many colours.
Armed with my pocket size Canon G-7X it was a great opportunity to use this camera at high ISO,1000-1600 was used for these images, and I was pleasantly surprised at the low noise level at these settings, with the help of noise reduction software at hand helped reduce the noise a lot which abled me to get a crisper picture. I decided also to add a bit of creativity, Artistic license on two of my images.