Night life

By | 23rd January 2018

This is the second part to my recent trip to London for lumiere 2018.
This time it is Nightlife, lead by UK artist Jo Pocock and the Lantern company, turn Leicester Square Gardens into an illuminated world,bringing a sense of the wild into the heart of the capital.
We arrived at 16-30,had a quick bit to eat before the lighting spectacular started, which was about 17-30.The gardens were packed with locals and tourist alike to see this wonderful relationship between wild spaces and urban city life. The highlights for me were the Frogs and the lone Fox, which happens  to be a common site in urban areas around the capital.
We spent about an hour amongst the  garden, I must say that the amount of people that were there most of them were nice and kind to all mankind and the system they had there was one way in, one way out which worked for every body.