By | 26th February 2018

A recent trip to Old Warden, The Shuttleworth Collection to renew my membership to the SVAS, Shuttleworth Veteran  Aviation  Society.
Whilst I was there I had a look through the hangers, as a member you gain free access to the collection throughout the year as well as discount to the Air shows and shop purchases.
It was nice to have a look round ,catch up on progress of Aircraft  maintenance, talking  to staff and to find out if certain exhibit’s are going to be air worthy for the 2018 Air show season which begins on the first Sunday in May. It is hoped that the Shuttleworth MK V, AR501 Free Czechoslovak Air Force  Spitfire will grace our skies this year, mind you it looks promising at the moment.
With my Cannon G-7 camera at hand I decided to take some different angles of the Aircraft , as well as the normal standard shots I like taking, by using different Photoshop Plug in filters I was able to  create some different images.