Flying Scotsman At Baldock 19-4-18

By | 21st April 2018

A short visit to my old stomping ground, Baldock  to witness 60103 The Great Britain X1,The Flying Scotsman steaming its way to Cambridge, then on to Scarborough on one of many steam excursions planed  for 2018.
The Visit to Baldock bought back many happy memories of my childhood growing up living in the town, seeing for the first time this famous locomotive, the Flying Scotsman steaming through Baldock when I was 10 years old, Happy days.
The weather was very warm which meant the steam was not as good as it would of been in the winter, never mind it was still great to see it. With modern  over head Electric wires it was the case of using the vegetation that was in the picture to clone the wires out, some say that it is cheating, at least it doesn’t detract  from the final result. Thanks go to the Station Master who kept the few people on the platform with up date information on it’s arrival, which happened to be 5 mins late, mind you glad it was because  there was a stopper on the platform which would have blocked our view.