Pt-2. Land Of The Rising Sun

By | 16th August 2018

Pt-2 of my blog from the Royal International Air Tattoo 2018, I concentrated on the one Japanese aircraft that was in attendance.
With the announcement made 2 weeks before the show that the Japanese Air self Defense Force was going to be in attendance at this years event,most Aviation enthusiast ears started to prick up. With the announcement that the Romanian Mig, 21 was cancelled, due to an accident a  week before the event, the sad news was  the displayed pilot was killed.With the Polish AF SU-22 fitter been  grounded due to Ejector seat problems it was left to the Japanese ASDF  Kawasaki C-2 to put a smile on the aviation enthusiast that were attending the show, for most this was the star of the event, thank you Japan.
In recent years the JASDF has been great supporters of RIAT, this was  great to see a new shape at Fairford with their new generation  of airlifter, it was also the first aircraft  to arrive on the Tuesday morning , it was great to capture it’s arrival, but the bonus was it taxied back down the runway passed the waiting photographers ,did not expect that to happen.