Eastern Delights

By | 22nd August 2018

Pt.-5. We look at the Russian types that appeared at this year’s Royal International Air Tattoo 2018.
With Russian type aircraft visiting these shores being few and far between these days, this years participants was smaller then normal, only Ukraine and Estonia forces provided static,and 1 flying example.
In the static park the Ukrainians dominated with their Illyushin  IL-76MD Candid and Sukhoi SU-27-C Flanker C, unfortunately the Flanker was parked a bit head on to get any clear shots, a lot of moving about to get any decent angle on it. It was great to see the return of the  Estonian Air Force with a Antonov AN-2 transport aircraft which was parked up with an uncluttered backdrop.
The flying participant once again saw the return of the Ukrainian Air Force with their Sukhoi Su-27p Flanker which was one of the stars in the solo jet participants, with clear skies it was able to perform its full display including the famous tail slide, I must admit this was a powerful performance for a large fighter aircraft.