The Choices We Make.

By | 23rd August 2018

Pt.-6. In this blog, I look at the park and view facilities on offer at this year’s Royal International Air Tattoo 2018.
With park and view facilities on offer once again at this years event, you pay your money and take your choice, myself I chose park and view west which is on 09 end of the airfield. With an extra day added to the arrivals this year and an easterly wind forecast the choice at the beginning of the week was the right one. I arrived in the silly hours of the morning for the three days,  hopefully to pick the best spot to take pictures, to my amazement the area was much larger this year then last, and the use of a step ladder to get the height to see over peoples head, I didn’t have to use it, fantastic plenty of room for all.
By choosing that particular end gives the photographer opportunities to get approach shots with it’s leafy back drop it makes it ideal for  pictures, it has its problems firstly you need a longer lens, 200mm upwards as the heat haze can be a bit tricky at times, when to press the shutter is more luck then judgement.
During the week the arrivals switched ends to runway 24 which isn’t a problem, infact it was a benefit as most of the aircraft rolled to the end of the runway, by using the 09 turning circle all of the aircraft taxied by the waiting photographer’ s, which was great to capture those uncluttered images before they were taxied into position in the static park, again the heat haze on the runway was a problem, but we managed to overcome the situation by waiting for them to get a bit closer to us. With the aid of a shorter lens and a slower shutter speed the prop aircraft made great images, nice to get a good sense of movement.
My three days at the end of 09 was a great time, with a few problems with the heat haze I managed to get some nice images for this blog.