Heritage Day At Old Warden.

By | 7th September 2018

Its the first Sunday of the month, it must be Shuttleworth time, once again the weather played ball.
A reasonable early start to the morning, mind you  I am lucky enough, its only a 10 minute drive. Once arrived I headed for a Shuttleworth breakfast with my friend Malcolm, a great start to the day.
The show itself was typical Old Warden fayre with a couple of interesting visitors added for good measure, in the shape of two Blue PR-Mk x1 Spitfires flown by John Romain and Peter Teichmann, the later making his final Old Warden public appearance before retirement, sad day, and a return visit by a Focke-Wulf FW-44 Stieglitz.
For many Aviation enthusiast this was not the best display of the season, fussy lot, with a lot of home based aircraft resigned to the hanger due to maintenance issues or gone tech, so we had to make due with  what was on offer, mind you the sight of two PR-Mk X1 blue spitfires  made up for it, as this was the first and last time that this formation will be seen in public, thank you John and Peter.
The organizer’s of this event once again came up trumps with the opening of the paddock to allow visitors to wonder around and get close to the aircraft, mind you as a photographer you have to be patient if you want clear shots.
As the title suggested, Heritage day so it was not only aviation, with Vintage vehicles , bikes and steam driven farm machinery dating  back to the early 30s that was on show, if Richard Shuttleworth was still alive he would be proud of his legacy that he left for others to enjoy.
With over 800 images to sort out, weedled down to 300 I managed to get some nice tidy shots and had difficultly to pick the ones that captured the days activity, got there in the end. So it is a few in the blog and the rest in the Gallery, enjoy hopefully.

More Images Here.