Robin Hood’s Bay.

By | 2nd October 2018

After leaving Whitby mid afternoon and making our way back to base camp, a quick diversion on route to the 3rd place in one day, Robin Hood’s Bay, a short distance from Whitby.
Robin Hood’s Bay is a small fishing village and a bay within the North Yorkshire Moors National Park , five miles south of Whitby.
For those who visit this wonderful place must have good walking boots on and strong legs as it is a steep decent to reach the bay and the thought of walking back up is hard for those who are not used to it.
The small narrow streets you come across, there is no room for cars to get into so it is all footwork, keeps you fit.
During the 18th century smuggling was rife here and it was said that there were a network of subterranean passageways  linking the houses. Vessels from the continent bringing there contraband used the resident’s from their houses as contacts to distribute their goods to the wider community.
Photography here is great and using a pocket size canon G-7x is ideal, saves lugging all your camera equipment up and down the steep hill.
Decided to be a bit creative in my approach to the images for this blog, I for one hope they are to your liking.
After spending about two hours here it was time to head back to base camp for a well earned rest and look back at what I had seen during my three places in one day.