Another Morning At The Fence. 11-10-18

By | 16th October 2018

Last Thursday a small detour on the way to the coast for the weekend, destination Raf Lakenheath, Suffolk, be rude not to.
Once again it was early doors, so I got  parked up and claimed my spot, mind you it was getting packed out when I turned up. The purpose of the visit was to photograph the visiting aircraft that is deployed on a two week exercise with the resident F-15C/E Eagles. With this in mind the local communities in East Anglia and surrounding areas will see a lot more activity then normal. With that in mind the visiting 6 F-22 Raptors from the 1st Fighter Wing, FW, out of Langley Air Force Base, Virginia and 8 U.S. Navy F/A-18/E,F Super Hornets assigned to Strike Fighter Squadron 11 out of Naval Air Station Oceana, VA which happened to be deployed aboard the USN carrier CVN-75, Harry S Truman.
Aircraft from both visiting parties flew 2 missions a day 4 F-22s and 6 F-18 E/Fs along side F-15C Eagles, The Grimm Reapers, what a show we had it was busy with launches using 06 runway and most of which kept low during take off, great for the photographers amongst us at the 24 end of the runway.
Two hours later saw the return of the Raptors and Hornets, so it was a quick dash to the fence, set the camera to Aperture priority at the widest opening and set the focal length to 400mm +,  that put the fence completely out of focus and that allowed me to take some nice taxing shots of the aircraft, I normally take a ladder to get above the fence, as I was going on to somewhere else for the rest of the week, didn’t fancy lugging it around with me.
Had a great morning at the heath with good company and weather to boot and most importantly some great images from those state side visitors visiting our shores.