Neatishead, Pt-1 Radar Museum 13-10-18

By | 19th October 2018

A short weekend break to Norfolk was in order, as the weather forecast was going to be in our favor.
So the plan for the Saturday was to meet up with a friend, Malcolm and have a look at his display of Aircraft prints on Exhibition  to celebrate 100 years of the Royal Air Force, at the Radar Museum at Neatishead.
The museum, which is located on the site of the world’s longest continuously operating radar site, provides a unique window into the history of radar in Norfolk.
The museum has twenty exhibition rooms and guided tours with talks on early development on radar and the cold war, you are free to make your own way round without a tour guide if you wish.
Armed with my Canon G-7X, which I found useful here as some of the rooms were quite small and dark, so by setting the camera on Auto ISO, not tried that before, with no use of a tripod,  probably be a nuisance to other visitors walking around.
The results from using Auto ISO was mixed as some or most of the shadow areas  in the images had to have a lot of noise reduction added to them, in some cases the noise reduction software built in  to Lightroom ended up making parts of the image to smooth, by not over exposing the shadow area made the image much more pleasing to the eye, hopefully got away with it. A few of the exhibition rooms had a collection from RAF Coltishall kindly leant out and part of the Mick Jennings collection, as Coltishall has a lot of history in the area.
My few hours walking around this delightful museum packed with history and knowledgeable people on hand to ask questions was a delight, thanks to them all, not forgetting Malcolm, who’s exhibition  we went to see .