Halloween Moods 31-10-18

By | 1st November 2018

It’s that time of year when things go bump in the night, all in the name of Halloween.
Halloween  also named as the feast of All Hallows day, it is also a time were children celebrate by dressing up in frightening mask and costumes.
I decided to take a look around my local town of Biggleswade, it wasn’t long before I found this particular house on an estate, nearby to were I live, what a fantastic effort was made by the house owner who got into the SPIRIT of it, Excuse the pun.
As a photographer I decided to use my Canon G-7X and my Mobile device and set out to take a few of the interesting parts of the display  of the owners efforts, as well as add some of my spin to the pictures, and took quite a few images for this blog and picked out what I thought might work, I also took a couple of window display’s near by.
Once I retrieved the images from the camera, and deleted the dross It was time to be creative and add something a little different from the norm. Using the latest version of Lightroom CC, and Goggle  Nik plug in software I set out and produced  these images for the blog, by making them darker, adding a vignette, as well as desaturating some of the colour, all in the name of my art. I found this a pleasing and most enjoyable set of pictures to produce.