Norfolk Creations

By | 18th November 2018

Last week the plan was to visit friends in Cromer for a couple of hours, them make tracks to my digs for the night, Gt Yarmouth.
So it was a early start via Mildenhall to see what it about, only KC-135 tankers not worth a blog on those this time. Left the Hall at 11-30 am, for the 90min drive through some wonderful autumnal colours on the way, shame there were no were to park.
Once I arrived I decided to take a few images before meeting up with my friends as the light was favrable at the time , met up with Amanda first then Malcolm came along we all had a coffee and a chat before Malcolm went on his way to the church to take some images of the service, whilst me and Amanda had a nice stroll along the beach, taking in the vista that was on offer, mind you the light by then was challenging, but still managed to get a few images on the way.
All met up again for a coffee then we departed our separate ways, I had a 45 min drive to my digs.
Next day it was off to see the seals at Horsey, my images on previous blog. On the way back for a bit of lunch I stopped off to capture some typical Norfolk views, at Horsey mill and West Somerton with small boats amongst the reeds, mind you the light was great at the time.
The images in this blog is a small fraction that I took, decided to be a bit creative for this blog as I have got all the tools that I can muster to help me on the way. Had a great time over the weekend, caught up with a few friends ,as well as take a few imagesĀ  on the way, who can resist those wonderful Norfolk views that are on offer, especially this time of year.