Autumn At The Lodge

By | 28th November 2018

With winter fast approaching , it’s time to look back at some of the fantastic autumn colours produced at the RSPB, headquarters,  The Lodge, Sandy Beds.
Being fortunate to work there, I was able to capture over the past month a good number of changes in the colours available, as changes were happening every day.
As I always carry my camera phone about with me, I managed during my lunch breaks to get out and record the change.
I choose my Samsung phone as it has a very good lens on it with a pixel count of 13 mega pixels, large enough to produce a reasonable A-3 print, as I don’t print these days I only use images taken by my phone for blogs and projection,(PDI), saying that I have managed to print up a image to A-3 very happy with the results.
There we have it, the  autumnal colours here at the lodge were the best they have been for a good couple of years all helped with a great summer that we all  have experienced, some colours are still here,  but the punchiness of them, unfortunately have disappeared for this year, but who knows what will happen in Autumn 2019, hopefully the same vibrant colours  we have witnessed here during 2018.