Evening In Hull

By | 5th December 2018

Last weekend a planned trip to Hull to have a catch up with our friend, Julia, she was a fantastic host.
The plan was to do the last bits of Christmas shopping before the main rush which we all know starts this week. Arrived mid afternoon to this wonderful City which boast of having three different shopping centres all of which are located within walking distance from the car parks.
With photography in mind for the early evening Christmas lights, I found the lighting arrangement and the lack of imagination a bit on the dull side, especially the out door arrangements.
As the evening went on I was told there was going to be a Urban Legends: Northern Lights show, which consisted of projected images, with sounds to match, in various parts of the city,  I thought I was going to be given a treat, with six different acts around the city I was disappointed with the first two I saw, but I was stunned at the main event in the Rose Bowl, titled ” Oh The Night”, which was the ultimate bedtime story which unfolded across the City’s buildings as imitating the dog explore the ritual of tales told at bedtime, all to the original soundtrack by Finish Composer Lau Nau and a live chorus of people from Hull, this piece of work lasted about 20 mins. After that we went to look for the other 3 acts, disappointed with those as well, cant win them all.
Armed with my Canon G-7x I set the ISO on auto which allowed me to be free from using a tripod, mind you it would have been in the way of everybody. The results I got were mixed as the noise levels were in abundance, especially in the shadow areas of the image, never mind the camera performed reasonably well in those conditions. Some will say that you photographed some one else’s art work, by adding a bit of twist to some of the images, I would say it is my own creation, each to there own interpretation.
I had a great time in the City and was reasonably happy with what I got back, a tweak here and there with the  available software that I have in my arsenal helped me to recover what might of been lost.