Journey Home 3-12-18

By | 7th December 2018

Weekend finished its time to head off back home to Bedfordshire, not looking forward to the 3 hour journey, as the weather conditions weren’t ideal.
So my friend, Ange  opted to drive, thank you for that, so here we go, left my friend, Julia’s  house, waved goodbye to what we had, a great weekend.
On our way, me thinking about the images I took and suddenly a thought came in to my head, ill take some images on the move during our journey home, with the rain and the spray from passing vehicles, making great pictures.
Armed once again with my Canon G-7x, rain lashing down I took some passing images to see what I could get, I was pleasantly surprised in what I took, waited for a bit longer for a couple of lorries and the spray from them added a lot more atmosphere to the image, I managed to take a fair few pictures before I decided which ones I would use for this blog.
The rain lasted till we got past Grantham and it is then I decided I have got enough for now.
The  final images  for this blog, all of which were put through Lightroom then Photoshop cc, also I used some filtration method’s  by using various filters by Nik, free download these days through Google.
Had fun with my creative thoughts putting these images together and got to think maybe it will make a great project to do in the future.Now winter has arrived more frequent opportunities may arise, will u do the driving again Ange please.