New Year In Norfolk 1-1-19

By | 3rd January 2019

Happy New Year to all my followers and fellow photographers.
Here we go, the start of 2019, this time it was my annual visit to Norfolk to see friends old and new.
Stayed in Gt Yarmouth, which I use as a base and went out to a couple of my favourite places on New Years Day, Potter Higham , which happened to be busy in the main shop, Latham’s.
Whilst my friend did a bit of shopping it gave me the opportunity to take a few images outside, mainly reflections as there were good opportunities to take a few whilst there. After that we headed to Horsey Gap to photograph the seals, A separate blog will follow, as its worth keeping this one separate. What I personally like doing on New Years Day is to have a walk on a nearby beach, which happens to be Hemsby, mind you I like photographing this stretch of beach as every time I go on it the changes are apparent, due to tidal changes and the locals making the changes, to retain the sand dunes so they are kept for as long as they can.
Then of to lunch with friends in the Village, and what a lovely Lunch it was, thank you Fay and Sotas. Finally on the way back I decided to photograph a couple of night shots of the lights at Yarmouth before making tracks back to base, all in one day.
All of the images in this blog were taken using my Canon G-7X which is ideal for this kind of work and you haven’t got to lug around large cameras and lenses, as most will know it slips into the pocket and doesn’t draw to much attention.