Sealed On New Years Day 1-1-19

By | 4th January 2019

A short trip to Horsey Gap on New Years day for the seals, being based locally for the New Year Period, it would have been rude not to visit.
After visiting a few other locations during the morning, we arrived at Horsey Gap at 11-30am, by then the car park was full as well as the overflow car park so we had to wait a couple of minutes before we were allowed to proceed to the relevant car park, luckily enough we were directed to the gap car park which meant less walking to do, that suited me.
My first thoughts were, the amount of people and their family’s about, it was packed, as it was a public holiday,it was to be expected.
Armed with my Nikon D-7200 with a lens combination of 200-500-F-5.6, Nikkor this made it the  perfect lens for this type of photography, as we the public were not allowed on the beach reasons being it gave the seal pups more chance of survival.
So shooting images from the top of the sand dunes, not ideal but better then nothing at all, saying that I still managed to get a few nice shots.
After that I was allowed in-between the gap which led you down to the beach, but only so far, luck would have it, I came across  two 6 week old pups that were on the leading path to the car park which gave me the opportunity to get a little closer, not to close as the lens I used I didn’t have to, and photograph them at eye level.
As the weather forecast was cloudy, it helped as the eyes on the seals are black and with the sun on them it becomes hard to get any detail within them, mind you with the help of photoshop you can recover quite a bit of detail, great having the tools at your disposal. Thanks go to all the wardens at Horsey Gap for their advise and help in striving to get the images I wanted, if those of you who are attending to go and see as well as photograph the wild life on these beaches please take advise from the wardens, ask questions by all means as they are only there to protect the seals from being abandoned, as human contact can result the adult seals reject their young and their survival rate is not good, and also the wardens are there for your safety as well.