Down By The Riverside 27-1-19

By | 29th January 2019

Had to go into Bedford on the Sunday afternoon to drop of my car at the service station, as it was due in first thing Monday morning.
As I was in the area I decided to take a stroll down by the riverside to see what was occuring, not a lot by all accounts.
As the weather had a bitterly northern feel to it, I decided I would not be hanging around to long, I stayed for about 45mins before heading back to my friends car who kindly came along with me and gave me a lift home.
We only managed to walk between the two bridges, The Butterfly bridge and the Embankment bridge and in-between took in a hot coffee at one of the riverside cafes that was open, a nice cup it was.
Armed with my Canon G-7x  I managed to capture a few decent images, well enough to do a blog. I also took advantage of using my Nik  plug in filters with Photoshop CC to create a bit of a mood to one or two of my images, as the weather was a typical grey day in January, hope you like them.
I am hoping, when the warm weather does get here I will hopefully go back to the same spots and take a few more images for my collection.