Bedford Creations 28-1-19

By | 30th January 2019

Had to return to Bedford to pick up my car after it’s annual service, so I decided to go into town first thing and have a bimble around with my friend.
Whilst she did a bit of shopping I was let off the leash to do a bit of street photography for a sort while, then met up later.
Bedford is the county town of Bedfordshire 15 miles east of Milton Keynes and has a  increasing population.
Bedford was founded at a ford on the Great River Ouse, and is thought to have been the burial place of Offa of Mercia.
I decided to photograph a few bits of the town for this blog, the ones that caught my eye, mind you there is plenty to photograph in this county town, you just have to keep your eyes open.
Plenty of statues  of famous people linked to the town, 2 of which are John Bunyan and Trevor Huddleston.
I decide to be a bit creative with a few of my images, as I was in a creative mood,  I felt the choice of  subjects work well this way, good old photoshop with a twist of creativity using the Nik filter plug ins which are available via Google as a down load, free by the way.
I had fun producing my final selection, will I return back to Bedford, most likely I would , it has a lot to offer the creative photographer amongst us, saying that you have to look around to find the images you want.