Winters Lodge, Sandy 1-2-19

By | 2nd February 2019

With the weather forecasting snow, I decided the pocket camera was coming with me to work, just in case the forecasted snow was deep enough to take a few images.
Arrived a bit earlier then normal so it was off to take just a couple of shots before my daily duties commenced, glad I did as the snow didn’t last long, typical Mid Bedfordshire we seem to miss the deluge of the white stuff, whilst 50 miles south the snow caused major problems on the roads.
It was enough and by mid morning I still managed to take a  few more for this blog. So it was a quick look round to see what images I could find, it wasn’t long before I found something to take, even some staff members here at the RSPB, the Lodge managed to get in on the act by building a couple of snowmen, and naming the large one, Bruce, where that came from, I just don’t know, and even  some staff members  taking a nice winters stroll, all in the fun of winter.
Parts of the reserve had one or two nice covering of snow, some had just a dusting, mind you I noticed that the early shoots of spring have arrived, lets hope this recent cold snap doesn’t kill them off.
I managed once again to do some creative work with the images, for me turning the pictures into a Monochrome situation and just allowing the dominant colours to come through, known as colour popping works, saying that, its my opinion ,dosent work on everything.
I had fun producing these images, I hope you also enjoy looking at them.