Buccs At Brunti 3-2-19

By | 7th February 2019

Early morning wake up call was the order of the day,I had to scrape the frost of the car before setting off to Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome  nr Leicester.
Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome and proving ground is a privately owned airport near the village of Bruntingthorpe, 11 miles south from the centre of Leicester, and is well known to be the home of a large gathering of Cold war Jets.
Todays photo shoot was organised by Time Line Events (TLE),where Heritage and photography come together and recreate scenes from the past era., idea, capture, and memory are the on thing that this organization specialize in, and a good job they do of it to, saying that  as photographers you need to put your input and  thoughts to create the final image, if it is what you want.
Buccaneer’s was the name of the game today, the organisers managed to get 2 active ex RAF samples, one being in the colours of the Royal Navy, both of which did taxi runs  in front of the large gathering of photographers, with the weather being kind on the day most of us were able to get some nice shots of the proceedings.
With the shoot being a afternoon and into the night affair with the added ingredients of reenactors all of which were wearing the flying suits and equipment of that particular period, for me I like this type of photography, it reminds me of my time growing up seeing this type  in full operational  with our forces.
As the sun went down and the light faded it was time for the tripod and to set the camera up for time exposures, with lights and a smoke machine added to create a feeling of mood it was time to get into position and try and do a couple of different shots from the norm, mind you with that cold biting wind in evidence it wasn’t long before we all started to get cold, glad there was a cafeteria available during the day, supplying hot drinks and a burger or to, all at reasonable prices, thanks for that. It was great to see the Navy marked Buccaneer  being jacked up at the front to make it look like a catapult launch with the added smoke it looked realistic. The reenactors done a professional  job, which gave the images a different dimension and operational feel.
Special thanks go to the T-Baggers, these are the Guys and girls who look after, maintain and marshal these aircraft into position so those of us can enjoy, see and photograph them in  an operational  scenario.
Thanks also go to Niel and his team who put on a professional event, they managed to make a old man very happy, I will look forward to attending more such like events during 2019.