Tornado Finale 19-2-19

By | 21st February 2019

A planned trip to RAF Marham, Norfolk to  photograph some of the remaining Tornadoes that happened to still be in service with the RAF, before they retire.
With the last remaining Sqds, 31 and 9 still active I thought I had better get a move on, if I want to photograph  these iconic Fighters/Bomber, before they retire them in March.
The Tornado has been in RAF service for 37 years, for me I grew up with this type, mainly at Air shows and out in the field at various bases that operated this type.
I thought I would arrive early so I can get the car parked, as expected there were a lot of people present, mind you I was pleasantly surprised that the local farmer opened his field, a good start to the day, thank you Mr Farmer.
With the field being opened, I managed to get parked close to the fence, which happened to be a small picket type, so a large stepladder was made redundant for this visit. Being close to the taxi way, the choice of lens meant the focal range was anything between 135-300 mm, saying that the runway shots were at least 500mm to 700mm, so glad I took both  my long range lenses for this shoot.
With the planned flight of three aircraft in formation over three days taking part with flypast at all the bases in the UK that served and had connection with the Tornado, the day I choose was the  Tuesday, longest mission that the aircraft were out for. Those who chose to go to the various locations to witness the flypast, were not disappointed, saying that the weather could have been kinder, that’s February for you.
I had a great day at RAF Marham,  got some nice taxiing shots as well as some departure shots, mind you the departure shots were cropped as the runway was a bit far away.
I am hopeing to go back to RAF Marham next week,28th Febuary to witness a 9 aircraft formation flypast and hopefully to get the last remaining photos of this iconic Fighter/Bomber.