Race For Wildlife 10-3-19

By | 11th March 2019

A trip to the RSPB nature reserve at the Head Quarters  Sandy, was the order of the day to photograph the Race For Wildlife Event , for 2019.
This event was cancelled a few weeks ago, due to the severe weather that made part of the course to dangerous , so the rearranged event took place on Sunday the 10th, March.
The race itself was a 10k affair which took the 100 or so participants over parts of the scenic sides of the reserve twice  all in the name of nature.
The weather conditions were ideal for the runners, a bit chilly for the spectators but those of us that were spectating, were cheering the runners on.
I decided to use a pair of my old Nikon D-300s and a Sigma 2.8, 80-200mm lens as this lens happens to be ideal for this kind of work, with the extra stop available on this lens gave me a better chance in capturing the athlete’s in motion, at a faster shutter speed, as areas of the reserve are quite dark in places, saying that I upped my ISO to 500, and still managed to get most of the shots noise free.
The course itself was won by Martin Amos in 37.07,mins in record time of two years, Congratulations to him.  All the athlete’s that took part received medals at the end of the race, and there were also separate  medals for the participants in the men’s and ladies that were in the top three, congratulations to the winners in both categories.
Also  taking part in the race was our very own Director of Global International, Martin Harper, well done sir you deserve your medal.
I had a great time in photographing this event, for me I was out of my comfort zone, mind you, now and again its great to be out of the zone,  as I am not a sports photographer. It was nice of the race organizer ,Mark Brandon to ask me, can you take some images for me at this event, thank you Mark, I for one was grateful for him too ask me.
I managed to capture some nice images of the day for this blog, as well as images in my Gallery section.