Creative Vulcan 23-3-19

By | 25th March 2019

Another day, another Time Line event this time it was a photo shoot with the Avro Vulcan that belongs to the Vulcan Restoration Trust, based at Southend airport.
Arriving early was the order of the day as this was a sell out event, so me thinking the world and his wife would be in attendance, to my surprise there was about 80 people in attendance all of which were courteous and thoughtful of others , as all of us were there for one thing only, Photography.
Once we all got together Neil theTimeline organiser and Peter Archer, trustee of the Vulcan Restoration Trust gave us a brief of what we can and cant do, as well as a safety brief  as this is a active airfield so the rules were strict and we all kept to it. Once the brief was done we were led out to the waiting Vulcan and then it was time to take some images. As this was a afternoon, evening and night shoot there were plenty of opportunities to take as many photos as we want with plenty of time.

As the afternoon went on the introduction of  re-enactors played their roll and introduced some nice additions to the shots, to make the scene look like it was back in the 60s,70s period, all the re-enactors  played their part professionally, thank you, for me that is what I like, trying to recreate the past, saying that you cant help what is in the background, learn to live with it. As the afternoon led to sunset it was time for the tripod to come into play as long exposures was going to be the order for the rest of the  evening and night, what a evening we had, a good sunset which led to the blue hour, fantastic it was. As it got darker the exposures got longer, we all took it in turn to take our images with plenty of room for all, they even managed to light up the aircraft with navigation lights, cockpit lights as well as additional  lights provided by Time line.

The photo’s I picked for this blog were the ones I thought would reflect on the days activity, on the subject of reflection this is a genuine reflection, not photoshopped, as there was a chemical spillage early on in the day, so the team had to dilute the chemical so that we were safe enough to carry on with the photography. In  the creativity part of this blog I decided to make it a 50-50 split with Colour and Monochrome as I felt the mono side of the chosen images worked better, and with my set of Nik filters I was able to be creative with my final selection.

A great days photography was had by all, the weather played ball and all of us that attended walked away with  smiles on our faces, and at the end of the day that’s what it is all about.
I would like to thank Neil and his team at Timeline for putting on a professional event, last but not least the team at Vulcan Restoration Trust for their assistance in making this a most enjoyable experience.