Fishing BoatCreation.

By | 9th April 2019

Had a recent visit to Norfolk to help a friend get the chalet’s ready for the summer season, once the work was done I managed to get a bit of time to myself.
With photography not on the agenda, the only access to a camera was with my camera phone, mind you it did make a change. So it was a 15 min trip to Caister  lifeboat station to take in the cold easterly breeze that was blowing, so a jacket was essential to keep out the chill.

I decided whilst there to take a few images of the old fishing boats and all the paraphernalia that goes with fishing, mind you most of the equipment has seen better days, so it was a quick look round grab a few images of the day and see what I can do with them in the post processing. So a few days on I was watching a few u tube tutorial’s on creating Sketch Effects, infact there are so many ways of achieving this,  I decided to chance my arm and have a go, to my surprise I ended up creating a port-folio  of images of fishing boats that I took that day.
Take it or leave it I think that this effect works well with this type of subject. I had great fun in producing these and it is something different for this blog, as I would say a bit out of my comfort zone, will I do it again, most probably, if I can find the right subject.