Easter At Happisburgh 19-4-19

By | 23rd April 2019

With the weather being at its best this Easter, a weekend trip to Norfolk was the plan.
With photography not in mind, I decided to take the camera just in case anything caught my eye. With a couple of hours spare I decide to take a 30min trip to Happisborough to photograph the beach  and all of its content
Happisborough is a small village  and civil parish in the English county of Norfolk, 6 miles west of North Walsham and it is one of those places where the dunes have been retaken by the sea, all that is left is the debris once owed by the people who happened to live or own property on the dunes.

Arriving at the car park mid afternoon ,just as the tide was on its  way in, so it was a quick 2 hours on the beach before the tide got the better of me. I decided to walk along for about 10 mins when I came across what resembled  a old walk way and pier which once stood, Photographically this was a challenge and with the incoming tide I didn’t have long before the sea took charge, I did manage, well I thought I did, I come away with a couple of useful images.

Once the images were on the big screen, I must admit 75% of them were deleted, I thought there would be at least a better percentage saved, mind you there were some complicated images to take, as the old saying goes little is more, lesson learnt I think.
For this blog I had to rely on  photoshop and my set of Nik filters to get me out of trouble and do some creative work to the final set, saying that  monochrome is ideally  great for that type of work you haven’t got so many colours clashing in the final image. Will I go back, most certainly I would, I would choose a different time of day and possibly a stormy day to get some atmosphere in the pictures  and spend a bit more time composing the shot I really want without trying to rush things, before the tide gets the better of me.