Bluebell Time. 2019

By | 3rd May 2019

It’s that time of year once again when spring has sprung and new shoots of life begin, the thoughts of cold winters nights has finally been put to bed.
Here at the RSPB headquarters at Sandy nature is finally waking up, we have had the snowdrop’s and daffodil’s it is now time for the carpet of bluebells which have been in abundance for the last couple of weeks, a nice sight to see.

I decide to venture  out during my lunch break and take a few images of the bluebells and surrounding woodland. Armed with my Nikon D-300 in combination with a Sigma 70-200mm 2.8 lens and  hopefully get a few good photos of them,  as ever the bluebells when you get close to them didn’t  look that great  with the recent high winds and people trampling over them they don’t make good pictures, so I decided to capture them from a distance which meant I had to use a high iso, faster shutter speed, and use the top end of the zoom lens to capture a reasonable image, mind you I still got some worthy shots for this blog.

As I took a number of images over a couple of days I found it hard work to find something different, but I did manage to find some, a little bit of perseverance and patience as well as a bit of gardening in Photoshop.  One thing I would say is the trouble with the bluebells at the lodge they come shortly after the daffodil’s have died off  which meant the dead heads have to be either taken out or photoshoped out afterwards  so if you don’t want to do either you have to jut to position to avoid the distractions, some times that is not possible.
With the help of Nik filters and a bit of artistic licence,  once again I manage to create a nice set of images.