Shuttleworths Military Pageant 7-7-19

By | 11th July 2019

Part 2 of this series  we take a look at all the other activities at this years Military Pageant at Old Warden.

Arrived early, as expected the queues to get in were 6 rows deep, it seems to me a decent line up at these events does attract a lot more people , great for the coffers for the organisers of such events. As I live within 10 minutes from the venue I thought I could leave a few minutes later, Wrong. I was talking to a few early risers and they said we have been here since 06-30am, moral of the story is if you want the front row of the paddock/ car park you need to get there at the crack of dawn, sign of the times as this venue is a favourite with a lot of people.

Once in, it was the usual Shuttleworth style breakfast,  which is good value for money  and it also sets you up for the day. Once eaten it was off to take some images of the exhibits and visiting aircraft, must admit there were some great visitors here this time, highlights for me were 3 FW44 Stieglitz that happened to fly all the way in from Germany the previous day, this attracted a lot of interest for the enthusiasts amongst us, there was also the public debut of the newly restored SE-5a.
Also exhibited was a large collection of Military vehicles, the word was its  the largest gathering of types in a good number of years, when they did a display run along the crowd line they attracted a large appreciated audience with applauses

The flying programme attracted a good range of aircraft types, opened up with a display with the mighty P-47 Thunderbolt which was flown in from nearby Sywell,  again I hoped the display of this type was put on later in the afternoon as the sun was not quite in the right place, saying that the display was a bit distant, added bonus to this it  landed after its display, the talk was its the largest type to land hear. The highlight of this event was the display by 7 Hawker Hurricanes in formation under the scrutiny of a former Hurricane Pilot veteran, Archie McInnes age 99, he told his part of this story of his war effort, the last time we had a formation of 7 Hurricanes in formation was back in 1946.

Other interesting  contributions came from a  Slingsby Sedbergh, as a glider this was flown with precision and landed just in front of me, of course the Jordanian Falcons was one of the top draws they flew in great light,( Images on previous blog. ) and of course we had the usual Shuttleworth Fayre all of which performed in great light. Last but not least the winds died down enough for the Edwardians to take part and what a show we had,  the leaded skies made great backdrop for my images and for me that was one of the highlights to capture the past in a great sunlit scenario, thank you.

I found this event a challenge photographically, jut to position to get the images I wanted, saying that towards the middle part of the afternoon I managed to get what I wanted with a bit of   patience and perseverance always comes out on top.