RIAT 19 Pt-2 Turkish Delights

By | 30th July 2019

Pt-2. In this part we are going to take a look at the Turkish Air Force,( Turk Hava Kuvvetleri), participation at this years Royal International Air Show 2019.
When the announcement was made back in June  that the Turkish Airforce was going to take part at this years show there was a sense of joy amongst the aviation enthusiasts, especially as it was going to be a pair of F-4E Phantoms 2020,at last a real icon of the cold war. The last time a pair of Turkish Phantoms visited the Air Tattoo was back in 2006, a welcome return.

The pair in question provided for the show were from 111 Filo “Panterler”(111 sgd Panthers) Based at Eskisehir both sporting nice tail art, one being NATOs 70th Anniversary the other being  60 years of the Phantom 11, this airframe was the one that most enthusiasts wanted to see, so happy it had turned up.

Photographically both aircraft gave us photographers plenty of opportunities to fill your boots, when both aircraft taxied to the end of the runway there was plenty of choices and angles to photograph them, with or without their drag shoots as they both raised there twin canopy’s to allow those amongst us to take the pilots waving to there audience, by going to the arrivals opportunities to get clear shots of the aircraft before they were escorted to their parking slot in the static park, is a must.

With both Phantoms in the static park at least you can take numerous images from different angles, close ups etc.
Being in the park and view West on the Monday, the photographers amongst us had another opportunity to have 2 bites of the cherry, taxing shots past us and take off shots, mind you they were a bit high as they went by us, I didn’t mind to see a Phantom in the air brings back memories of the 1980s,90s when the Royal Air Force used to operate them.

Both aircraft was supported by a Turkish Air Force Kc-135R,10 wing,101 Filo which sat on the far side of the airfield and did not take part in the static exhibits,  pity, that would have possibly been the first time that a Turkish KC135 had taken part.