RIAT 19 Pt-4 Soviet Style.

By | 1st August 2019

Pt-4 In this part we look at the Ukrainian and Romanian participation at this years Royal International Air Show 2019.

Firstly we take a look at the return of the Ukrainian Air Force aircraft that graced our presence for the 3rd year running, it comes in the shape of a pair of su-27 P and UB Flanker and the mighty Il-76  Candid transport plane. With the early arrival of these aircraft meant the light was not at its best as this was in and out of sun for most of the day, of the 3 aircraft that appeared 2 of which rolled down to the end of the runway, the su-27ub and the Il-76, the flying example took the intersection half way down the runway to taxi to its flying area on the far side of the airfield, much to the annoyance of the  waiting photographers.
The aircraft that rolled to the end of the runway gave the waiting photographers plenty of opportunities to capture some nice images, saying that when the Flanker taxied to the intersection Bravo it was greeted with heat haze from an earlier arrival, so I had to jut to possession to try and get a image of the Flanker without heat haze, not easy. The flying example  during the weekend put on a great display, a little distant at times, different pilot this year. Both fighters once again sported  a digital blue splinter scheme which stood out against those leaded skies which was abundant during the show.

Next we saw the return of the Romanian Air Force with a pair of MiG 21 LanceR C, after the cancelation late on last year due to a accident,  it was a welcome site in the Fairford skies, the last time a MiG 21 graced our presence in the air was back in 2001 at Raf Cottismore  and a static example back in 2005 at Fairford. With a late arrival both aircraft took the full length of the runway and with the evening light I managed to capture some nice images of both airframes , apart  from distracting follow me vehicles getting in the way, mind you they were bit like busses during the day one turns up when the not so interesting aircraft  need assistance  and when the MIGS  made an appearance they all turned up, nuisance I say. Both aircraft taxeid to the flying area in the pit area on the south side of the airfield which gave the opportunity to see them both close up. The flying example put on a great display, a bit near to the knuckle at times, it was so great to watch and photograph a great cold war example of Soviet hardware. I hope the Romanians can return next year with the MIG, saying that the Romanian Air Force is in the process of upgrading to F-16s  and I don’t know how long before they retire the MIGS, this was a extra bonus for the NATOs 70th anniversary.
Support for the MIGS was a C-27 spartan, this was also the first time the Romanians had participated with this new enquired example.