RIAT 19 Pt-5 The Rotary’s

By | 2nd August 2019

Pt-5 In this part we look at the interesting rotary’s  at this years Royal International Air Tattoo 2019.

For me the helicopter types that made an appearance this year was smaller then in the past, saying that the ones that did appear were of great interest to me. I for one is a great fan of this type and it is these types that don’t get the accolade that they deserve.
Once again they were spread far and wide and not all clumped together, some of which were hidden in exhibition areas around the static park  and parked not in the best position. I found that if you were lucky and attended the arrivals days you were able to get clutter free images, some of the late arrivals used the 09 end of the airfield which gave the photographer’s that end of the airfield great opportunities to get some nice evening warm light on their images. Most of the helos  landed at the opposite end on runway 25 so we missed a few of them, saying that some actually hovered all the way down to the end of the runway for the  waiting photographer’s.

The home team provide 2 flying examples, the Chinook and a Single Apache which had all the pyrotechnics , for me I did not photograph the Apache this time as I have seen this before and you need to be in the right place for that all important shot. Static examples were the new kids on the block, Juno, wildcat and the highlight for me was the tiger Puma all in a tiger scheme that took part in last years tiger meet, you had to look for it as it was put nearly out of sight in the RAF experience exhibition, glad I looked. It was nice to see HM Coast guard with a couple of examples from Bristow’s, A  S-92 and a AW 189 both of which are used for Maritime search and rescue the crews of both airframes were on hand answering questions.

Interesting European examples  were a welcome return by the French Army, A Puma and Gazelle, these days these 2 are rare to these shores, a Danish Merlin, again tucked in tight behind larger exhibits. Couple of the latest Italian acquisitions, a HH101A and a HH-139A  and finally a Interesting NH-90 from the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Other interest was the civil OH-6A and the ex Argentine Army Bell UH-1 both from Team Huey, the later won the best civilian Award.

I had a great time photographing these exhibits most of which I took during the arrival days. My only wish is that more of this type from other nations can come along to the show, as a Helicopter fan I have to be grateful for what I got.