RIAT 19 Pt-6 Go West

By | 6th August 2019

Pt-6 We look into one of the park and view facilities on offer at this years Royal International Air Tattoo 2019.

Early doors is the name of the game especially if you want the prime spot to take images of the arrivals. Arrived at 05-30am joined the queue just before the gates open at 06-00am, Just to park the car up and join another queue before the enclosure was open at 07-30am, the joys of aviation photography. Once again I decided to go west as this photographically is the best option to get clear and clean images, and a leafy backdrop to boot.

As the wind direction was  favouring  runway 25,  meant all arrivals were coming in on the opposite end which was good and meant all the aircraft had to roll to the end of the runway or go off on one of the two intersections half way down the runway, we were lucky most of the aircraft took the full length, thank you. As this years enclosure   was moved back 20 metres it meant a slightly larger lens was the order of the day, for me that worked better, for some photographers it was annoying, they should have bought there larger lenses with them.

With aircraft coming in at a steady rate it was nice to get the first arrival in, B-52H this large USAF bomber dates back 60 years it had to take the full length so a much smaller lens was needed to get it all in with its drag shoot, head on its a photographers favourite type of  image, as you don’t often get that opportunity to capture it. With other types of Aircraft making their way to the end of the  runway the  waiting photographers were in their element and it wasn’t long before we managed to take a few hundred shots.

I spent 3 days at this enclosure 2 of which was arrivals and 1 for departures,  all of which was  stupid hours of the morning arriving at the gate,what I like about this spot is you get some nice taxing arrival type images, no distracting backgrounds and members of the public in the way,  it takes the pressure of walking around the static park during show days and trying to get clearer pictures, again it is advisable to have a lens range between 70-500mm, saying that I was using a crop sensor camera. As of departures I found this year we didn’t get a lot of the static aircraft that are usually at this end of the airfield taxi by us, the only thing  worthy of note was the pair of Turkish Phantoms which’d graced us with their presence, happy with that, as of departure  shots this year I found the aircraft were a bit to high so lost a lot of chances, as in past they kept reasonably low, that’s the way it goes.