RIAT 19 Pt-8 Special Moments.

By | 9th August 2019

Pt-8 We look at those special moments and captures at this years Royal International Air Tattoo 2019.

This is my final blog from this years Royal International Air Tattoo 2019,we had ups and downs this year, wasn’t a classic by a long shot, at the same time it really had its moments of brilliance.
there were over 240 aircraft present, 39 different air arms from 25 nations all making this years show the best the UK can offer.

The largest NATO  contributions came from the air arms from Italy and Germany, we as a nation had a relatively small contribution, the only front line aircraft on show in the static park was a solitary Typhoon from the newly reformed 9,Sqd based at RAF Lossiemouth. The rest comprises  of transport, training and helicopters, a poor show, saying that a lot of the various Squadrons are out on active deployment around the world, they can be excused.

Lets take a look at those special moments and look at the images that I took, hopefully not repeating what I have already added in the previous blogs.
It all started for me on the 2 arrival days leading up to the week end, we had the majority of the aircraft take the full length  of the runway for those photographers like me choosing park and view west. As a aviation photographer I had some great opportunities to take some different  images, head on, side on  and close up on pilots and personnel going about their duties so we can all have a good time.

The show itself had its problems, the Friday short display was partially  cancelled due to the weather conditions, only a few aircraft managed to entertain the public during the day, for me it gave me an opportunity to listen to a guest speaker for the day, Tim Peake  being interviewed by Carol Vorderman  on his exploits in space, a wonderful opportunity to listen to him and his journey to become a Astronaut , this was packed out with the public inside the marque, for some it was a brake from the rain. As I only attended the Sunday show, the Saturday was a down day for me, wrong choice as the flying programme was different to the Saturday, lessons learnt, all I know is the Saturday show had most of the special flypasts and the nicer weather  of the two. I do hope the organisers sort something a bit different next year as a lot of disgruntled visitors  on the Sunday walked away not happy.

The flying itself was a mix of modern and vintage, we had the battle of the F-18 Hornets between Switzerland and Finland, Finland won, it was a close call, we saw Moro in the Spanish Navy Harrier do his last public display, before moving on to his new post,  we had the incredible return of the Romanian Mig 21 Lancer and we had a new kid on the block, in the shape of a T-6a Texan 11, Team Daedalus from the Hellenic Air Force, a nice display it did. As of the special flypast, on the Sunday we had a flypast of a A-400 and team Blades,  to celebrate the Airbus 50th Anniversary, this was put together at the last minute, hopefully to please the disappointed crowds that could not come to the show on Saturday.

There we have it so much to photograph and so much I left out, this was just some of the highlights during RIAT 19, I came away happy with my lot, it was not a classic, weather was not at its best, but where can you go and see the variety on offer on the UK airshow circuit, answer to that is no where at the moment.

My thanks go to all the volunteer’s, staff at Douglas Barder House  and air crews who help  to make this a success’s. lets hope 2020 will be successful in raising funds for the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund  as in years gone by.

Next Years Royal International Air Tattoo 2020 will take place at RAF Fairford on 17th-19th July 2020.