Heathrow 4-8-19

By | 13th August 2019

A visit to Heathrow was the order of the day, thanks to my friend Tony who offered to be the driver for this excursion.
So it was early doors on the Sunday to arrive at the row at 08-30am, mind you the M-25 was free flowing all the way. Once arrived it was making the decision on what runway they would be on, it soon came apparent it was 27 left, so it was a short journey to the famous  Myrtle Avenue  to find that all spaces down that road was full, mainly residents so had to park on nearby road and walk the short distance to the green where plenty of local aviation enthusiasts gathered, as it was a Sunday many parking restrictions were lifted.

It wasn’t long before the action started, infact it was one after another, every 3 minutes mainly British Airways flights and European operators, with the occassional middle eastern flights all of which run regular services in and out of Heathrow. For me I haven’t been down here for the last 3 years and the change of aircraft types was in abundance, long gone those Russian types and the old style 747 Jumbos, Mind you I still remember regular services of 707s, Dc-8s and Ilyushin types long gone now.

The purpose of the visit was to photograph the British Airways retro style jets, to mark 100 years of BA, these aircraft are painted up in their previous liveries, I only manged to photograph just the one, Airbus A-319 in the markings of British European Airways, (BAE) regarding  the other 4 aircraft marked up in different schemes I will have to make a return soon and hopefully capture them.

Photography at Heathrow is limited, and not spotter friendly,  as I don’t really know the area as such so the limits to where u can and not go are sketchy, so for me I had to walk around the 27 end and try to take something a bit different rather then the same old side on  and three quarter front shot, I managed to do that will a bit of persistent, walking, and using different lenses I found by achieving this I came away satisfied in what I took.

At 15-00 hrs it was runway change to 27 Right for approaches and in the past it was a 5 mins drive park up wait, that’s all changed these days, no where to park and trying to find somewhere was difficult, I have been told there is access to that end of the runway, a bit out of the way but it can be achieved, maybe next time. So it was back in the car headed on to the southern perimeter road and pulled into the Esso garage for a wee will and watch the take offs, this is a popular spot for the photographer, you can get nice images of aircraft retracting their undercarriages and turning in direction and heading out to their flight corridor, for me I only wish the light hadn’t disappeared and gone a bit to far round, cant win them all.

I had a great few hours at the row, I for one could not do this week in week out, only now and again, next time I will check which runway they are on and plan accordantly. Thanks to Tony for the company, and the driving, next time it will be me doing the driving hopefully before the winter time table take effect.