Vintage Shuttleworth 1-9-19.

By | 5th September 2019

Its the first Sunday of the month, so a trip to the nearby Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden, for their Vintage show 2019.

Arrived shortly after 09-00hrs to be greeted with a  small friendly body of people waiting to get in, mind you they have got the traffic problems sorted out  for those of us that arrived well before opening time.
Once in it was a quick look round then headed for the usual Shuttleworth style breakfast, again that sets you up for the day. So what was on offer? well as it was a vintage type show, vintage related types were on the offering, not only the aircraft but vintage vehicles were on show, all of which kept the crowd engaging with there past times, only Shuttleworth can do this, long may it last.

A day of young and old was the order of the day with entertainment pleasing all, we had the joy stick club allowing children to sit in converted trolleys made of wood in the shape of aircraft, there intension is to encourage the next generation of would be pilots, and with that fun can be added, and we had a singer, Fiona Harrison singing  tunes of the past, by the way she can sing. As of the aircraft the line up was also vintage. For those of us with a bit of spare cash in there pockets there was a chance to take a flight in a De Haviland Rapide and on return a glass of Bubbly was waiting for you as you step off the aircraft, nice gesture. With the  array of de Havilland types on the flight line gave the  waiting photographers amongst us chance to take some images.

The Flying programme kicked off with one of the Mull gull racers, hoping for the Comet to accompany this, but this had a technical issue, so no show. as of the rest of the programme was a good mix of vintage types within the collection, saying that the strong cross winds played havoc with the World War one earlier types which meant they had to take off using the new runway far side of the airfield, all of the aircraft performed well under those conditions. It was nice to see formation flying by most of the De Havilland types’ specially the founder aircraft from the collection which is rare to see. We had a Merlin trio with 2 Hurricanes and AR501 Spitfire being put through there paces as well as a visiting Lancaster doing a couple of flypast, pity the sun  for the lanc did not make an appearance when he turned towards us to give us a top view perspective.  The winds were to strong for the Edwardian types so it was left to the visiting Global stars team to close the show, with 2 Extras and 2 Cap 10 aircraft flying in formation with added smoke for effects,  the team put on a great show and the added bonus was the team landed afterwards for those amongst us to take some images on the ground.

Had a good time at Shuttleworth, the weather was mixed, saying that the skies were top notch and made for some interesting images.Finally I like to thank Brian for picking me up and sharing my company for the day.