North East Tour Pt-4 Newcastle.

By | 9th October 2019

Pt-4 Were off to Newcastle City Centre for another exiting day in the land of wi-i man, alright pet and ok bonny lad.

Newcastle Upon Tyne, commonly know as Newcastle is a city in Tyne and Wear ,north east England and is the most populous city in the north east and forms the core or the Tyneside

It was early doors for us for the short trip to the city centre, this time we caught public transport as the bus stop for this was outside the campsite, most of the buses were running every 15mins,made more sense in doing that as the prices for the trip both ways worked out cheaper then using my car. Once arrived in the city we were helped with a kind gent working in Marks And Spencer’s with directions to head to the city centre, again a plus point for the Northern population, kind and considerate, us Southern population need to take note.

As I was only armed with my small pocket size Canon G-7x, I found this camera is ideal for street photography and it doesn’t attract those about  with easy pickings. As the weather was raining at the time , taking photos was a dream and there were pockets of people taking cover in the indoor markets and shopping centres which left me to concentrate in getting some architecture shots aswell as some different street images. One thing I did notice was there were a few different colourful  Elephants  scattered around the city, known as Elmer’s all in aid for the St Oswald’s Hospice, if you want there is a trial location map on the internet  to all of the Elephants for those who wanted to tick them off , shame as I for like that kind of challenge, as normal time is the problem.

Once we had a few hours wondering around taking in all the city had to offer it was time for lunch and head back to the bus for the short journey back to base. I had a great few hours in the city, great place to visit and we only scratched a small part of the place, as a photographer I for one would like to spread a bit further afield in the city to see what else is on offer. Will I make another visit in the future, sure would bonny lad, this time It will be by train and make it a long weekend.