By | 3rd December 2019

With a visit to Spalding to visit friends of ours during last weekend, the plan was to visit Skegness for the Christmas market.
A thought of a visit to Skegness had me thinking oh not again the last time I visited I swore blind I would not return, but the lure of a Dickensian Christmas market gave me hope, as I was with friends so I thought I better do as I am told.

We departed Spalding at 09-00am for the short journey along the A-16 and A 52, the weather was very foggy and when we reached Boston we all thought shall we turn back as the fog was getting worse, as we exited Boston the weather improved, so it was onwards to Skeg. Once we parked up it was the short walk to the town centre were what we thought was the hive of activities, as advertised it was a Dickensian Christmas market, we were disappointed, it seems  that every other stall was a tombola, no dressing up for the period and the only music was the local Salvation army band shame really I was hoping I could take back what I said a few years ago when I last visited.

The town centre hasn’t changed  since my last visit, just one or two new shops and a small shopping arcade which was heaving with locals and maybe tourist alike, saying that some of the locals were saying how disappointed they were in the market. After that it was a short drive to a restaurant called the View for a bit of lunch, a nice lunch it was, then it was a quick look at the beach  before heading back to Spalding.

In my humble opinion I am sorry to say that my impression of Skegness hasn’t changed I still don’t like it and the thought of having a weeks  holiday there, I don’t think so,  photographically I found it a struggle to get any descent images, got some but not many. the only thing I can say is the road out of Skegness is bliss, Sorry Skeg.

Remember followers it is only an opinion.