Greetings from Biggleswade.

By | 17th December 2019

This is my last blog for 2019, I would like to thank all of my followers that have been looking at my site in 2019.

So here we go, spreading a bit Christmas cheer from my home town of Biggleswade and like most towns and villages  in the UK this time of year the local authorities/Shop owners  put on a bit of a show to brighten up and of course attract visitors to the local area for Christmas. I decided one early evening to mill around the town centre  and take a few images of the decorations and the lights that were on offer this year.

Armed with my Nikon D-7100 and a short zoom lens I set of to take some festive images for this blog. With Camera settings at 2000iso, A aperture of  F-8 I was reaching shutter speeds at 30th Sec, not bad considering the lighting situation. I managed to take a few images not to dissimilar from last year, the only difference was the shop window displays were a lot nicer then in 2018. As the crowd’s soon dispersed, mind you it was on a Sunday and most shops closed up by 16-00hrs so it left me with the whole town to my self apart from the cars streaming through the centre of the town on to there destination.

So my last sentence for 2019 goes like this. I have had a mixed photography year, been to a couple of new places to report on a well as the usual places I visit regularly. the later half of the year saw me visit the North East  for the first time, great opportunities for photography is available for those that enjoy coastline and landscapes, sorry for the wind down of blogs in the last two months , due to building work on my house, nearly done, I hope to get out a bit more during 2020.

Once again thank you all for visiting my sight. I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy 2020. Look forward to updated my blogs next year.