New year from Hemsby. 1-1-2020

By | 8th January 2020

Happy New Year to you all and greetings from Hemsby, Norfolk

This is the first blog for 2020 and this time its from the coastal village of Hemsby, as with tradition I for one like to visit a nearby coastline to start the New Year in style. It was an early start to the day with a 07-30am, with the roads being empty, arrival time at our destination was 09-45am, so it was a quick walk on the beach to take in the first sea air of the year before proceeding to the Beach Café for a well deserved breakfast, a good one that was.

Whilst my friends were having a discussion after breakfast it gave me an opportunity to take a few images of the place, saying that as a regular along that coastline it gave me the opportunity to use my new Huawei P-30 lite camera phone, I must admit it has a good right up regarding the quality of the images, various settings are available with this model.hopefully during the next few weeks I will be trying all the various settings to see what works best. The weather did not play ball unfortunately so to do a full test was not successful  most of the  images look a bit flat, still not bad from a mobile as long as you don’t make large images from them, saying that a full A-4 is suffice.

After a few hours it was time to make tracks back home and get ready for the start of work the next day. Enjoyed my day out at the coast and came away with a few images the only bug bare was trying to work out how to down load the pictures from my phone to the computer, with help from my friend Brian Hunt we finally got there.