The Riverside. 2 Feb 2020.

By | 3rd February 2020

Hopefully I’m back after a short break due to illness in my family, family first I’m afraid.

I Managed to get-out on Sunday for the first time with my SLR for at least 2 months, this time it was a trip along the riverside at nearby Bedford.
With Christmas a distant memory it was time to have a bit of photography me time, with a couple of Christmas presents I received, namely filters for my cameras it gave me the opportunity to get out there and try them.

The filters in question were a Lee 0.6 medium grad and a Zomie 10stop, big stopper filter. both of which add useful tools to my arsenal. Start with the big stopper this particular filter is great for doing long exposers with moving subjects like water, which I found useful.With the price of the Zomie compared to the Lee version, half price both of which are excellent in quality and produce similar results  ideal for moving water in landscapes or Seascapes, with tutorials on U-Tube  how to get the best out of the filter, there are plenty on line for you to troll through. As I have nothing to compare it with I found a slight  colour cast with the Zomie in the image, so a quick tweak on white balance in the post process soon corrected this.

The other filter I used was a Lee 0.6 medium grad, which I found useful for skies as the light difference varies with the foreground and the sky can sometimes be anything from 2 stops to 3 very useful filter to have, as it gives you a even playing field in post processing. As a combination of using both at the same time ,I must admit it is work in progress.

I also carried around with me a second SLR for taking some of the local wildlife and the rowing boats that were doing their training for the day, as there is a number of  rowing clubs in the area.
I had a good 2 hours experimented with the filters attached and found the challenge’s using them most useful I must admit if it is to windy and there are trees in the image it doesn’t work all that well, so with a bit of iso recalculating you may get away with it on a shorter exposer time. I decided to turn two of the images into monochrome as the subject works well in this medium and the other image, log with water I decided to keep that in colour as of the rest of the other non filter images it was processing  as normal.

I for one will learn as I get to know how to use them in certain situation, saying that practice makes perfect.