Norfolk weekend 7-9-2-2020

By | 17th February 2020

I managed to get away for a short break, with recent happenings with a family member I got permission to go.
So it was a trip to Norfolk to catch up with a few friends and take a few images into the bargain, as the weather forecast was going to be stormy with the immanent  arrival of storm Ciara for the Sunday.

The Saturday visit to Potter Higham in the morning and a trip to Horsey late on in the day was the plan. Armed up with just a single SLR camera and a short Nikon zoom lens I decided once again to do some long exposers of moving water using my newly required Lee filter set, quite enjoyed taking the images to see what I get, must admit it didn’t work on all of the  subjects, it was a try and see exercise.
On the way to Horsey I stopped of at a small place called Somerton East which is great for photographing small boats amongst  the reeds and with it being late on in the afternoon there was nice warm light about, then it was a trip to Horsey, not for the seals but to photograph the sea and rocks with my 10stop ND filter, only managed to get one decent shot.

The next day the arrival of storm Ciara  with strong 60-70mile an hour gusts of winds, I thought I would not mind taking a chance trip to Gorleston On Sea which was a  short journey  from the hotel we were staying at, about 15mins,  the weather by then was not good.  Photographically it was tremendous, as a photographer I like rough seas, it has a bit of drama to the picture, mind you there were a number of other people about enjoying the experience.

The entrance to Great Yarmouth harbour, I for one haven’t seen waves as big as that, quite frightening at times. I enjoyed my experience of Storm Ciara, came away with a few images for the record.
After that it was a trip back to Hemsby to catch up with a couple of friends of ours and headed out to Winterton for a early lunch, a nice Sunday roast it was, and then it was a trip back to Bedfordshire before the weather got any worse, saying that the roads were a bit quite till we got into Cambridgeshire.

Had a good couple of days at the coast, came away with a few images of my weekend break, and now it is back to the grindstone until the next time, hopefully it wont be long.